I’m Pempi Wycherley and I’m an A Level Physics tutor.

I would normally teach both online and face-to-face (for those in Leeds/ Yorkshire). However, the Covid 19 epidemic has caused us all to take extra care and I am conducting all sessions online just at the moment. My students seem very happy with this: you can see the Feedback page for some of their comments.

I’m a professional tutor, meaning I’m well qualified, highly experienced and fully focused on the needs of my individual students. I tailor every session to each student’s specific requirements and that helps them get the very best out of their study time.

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A Level Physics Tuition

I work with students on a range of Physics subjects in their A Level. Comprehension is key, so I make sure they really understand what they are doing. However, that is only one aspect of studying at this level: problem solving, study skills, building confidence and improving exam technique all have their part to play.  My approach to tuition explores any and all of these, as each student needs.

I also tutor high attainment Physics students looking for extra depth in their studies in preparation for Russell Group university applications.

Students in previous years have given very positive feedback about how working with me has improved their knowledge and attainment.

Syllabus (AQA, Edexcel, OCR)

I provide tuition for the syllabus of the main examining bodies (AQA, Edexcel and OCR). I encourage all students to participate fully in their sessions and set them practising independent problem-solving as part of their ongoing development.  Questions are always welcomed, and frequently lead to some very interesting discussions.

The pages on this site give you more information about how I teach each subject area – please take a look. If that’s of interest to you or you’d like to discuss any questions then please contact me for more information.

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