What do students think?

I ask for feedback from all my students (and their parents) every year. It gives them the opportunity to comment on the value of their tutoring experience with me.  For the last scholastic year, 2019/20, all the responses indicated that:

  • Lessons were helpful
  • Students’ subject skill had improved
  • Students knew how to improve their attainment

Here’s a selection of feedback comments from students and parents:

“Pempi is a fantastically understanding and concise teacher. She clearly has a passion for Physics which really shows during her lessons”

“She was very good a getting points across even when I was struggling with difficult content. It helped me with my A Levels massively, despite not being able to sit the exams this year.”

“Thank you so much for the work you have done this year with my son. From my perspective it has completely transformed his outlook and confidence, as well as covering the curriculum content in such a thorough and interesting way.”

“Very useful at finding gaps and going into more depth. Good explanations using alternative approaches, easy to approach with any questions.”

“My son really enjoyed his sessions with you, found the structure and format extremely helpful and his improved progress was starting to show in his results.”

“The way of teaching was very well laid out and easy to understand.”

“Pempi gave me more confidence about the subjects, which enabled me to have more confidence in the classroom.”

She is a fantastic tutor that tackles your problems with efficient marking, excellent feedback and numerous exercises that are tailored to your specific needs.”

“Pempi is able to explain in a very understandable way as well as being very patient. I never felt reluctant to ask anything as she welcomes any questions.”

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