How students rate their tuition with me

Every year, all my students (and their parents) have the opportunity to give feedback on the value of their tutoring experience with me.  For the last scholastic year, 2017/18, all the responses indicated that:

  • Lessons were helpful
  • Students’ skill with the subject had improved
  • Students knew where they stood and how to improve their attainment

Here’s a selection of comments from students and parents:

“I have found every session incredibly useful and tailored to my needs. My understanding of physics has improved significantly.”

“Very helpful at targeting where improvements are needed.”

“Sessions were very well planned and constructed to maximise understanding.”

“Improved my confidence hugely.”

“Very good knowledge of subjects and very good at teaching it.”

“Very useful – gained a much better understanding of the concepts of maths which has given me more confidence.”

“So helpful in recapping areas you may have struggled with in class”

“The combination of background knowledge and practise (with help) has changed the way I look at questions and I no longer panic.

“Pempi helped me tackle difficult questions using logical strategies that worked for me.”

“Our daughter has enjoyed the sessions and we do believe it has helped her with the transition to A Level.”

“Pempi has made a huge difference to the amount of work I do by giving me the structure and motivation to do so. Understanding, exam technique and confidence have all improved. Pempi has an endless number of ways to explain even the most complicated of topics and is also incredibly patient.”

“Helped me to enjoy my physics more by her enthusiasm.”

“She’s very supportive. She has helped me with the subject as well as confidence and exam technique.”

“Great knowledge and passion for the subject. Very good with improving exam technique.





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