How students rate their tuition with me

Every year, all my students (and their parents) have the opportunity to give feedback on the value of their tutoring experience with me.  For the last scholastic year, 2018/19, all the responses indicated that:

  • Lessons were helpful
  • Students’ skill with the subject had improved
  • Students knew where they stood and how to improve their attainment

Here’s a selection of comments from students and parents:

“Pempi is exceptional at explaining complex ideas in a clear and understandable fashion, and has helped me gain confidence in my ability”

“She is a fantastic tutor who tackles your problems with efficient marking, excellent feedback and numerous exercises tailored to your specific needs”

“Pempi is able to explain in a very understandable way as well as being very patient. I have never felt reluctant to ask anything as she welcomes questions”

“Pempi helped me strategise in how to answer tough questions which I found really helped me.”

“Very encouraging of the subject and all my other subjects. The work was very clear and concise”

“Very well organised and structured”

Very good for a deeper understanding.

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