Why find a Maths tutor?

People choose to do Maths A Level for very different reasons. Some see it as their prime subject they want to take further to university. Others choose it because it complements their main subject, and many more simply like it. Whichever way you see it, Maths is a very strong qualification to have on your CV and one that employers will pay attention to.

Students often find some Maths topics harder than others, which is where the benefits of tuition kick in.  I adapt the subject matter and pace of lessons according to the need of each student, seeking to give each the personal attention they need to improve their learning and build their Maths confidence.

My Qualifications

MA (Cantab) in Physics/ Electrical Sciences.

Maths Tuition Sessions

A Levels: I teach both legacy and new syllabus of all the main examining bodies (AQA, Edexcel and OCR).  I encourage participation  in Maths sessions, working alongside students on problems in order to develop their understanding of the concepts before putting them into practice. We will focus on the topics the student particularly wants to consolidate, leading on to practice with exam level questions. I will usually set homework so that the student can consolidate their learning, secure in the knowledge that can go through it with me at their own pace in the next session. One hour sessions weekly are recommended at this level.

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