Online Tuition

A proportion of my students always prefer to take their tuition sessions online: it allows access for those who live out of the area and for whom face-to-face sessions would be impossible. Some have been at the far end of the country, others at boarding school, and more have simply preferred the online environment. However, all have found value in their online sessions – you can see some of their comments on the Feedback page.

Many of those who usually attend in person also use online tuition as a backup, in the event travel is difficult (so most sessions went ahead on schedule when the snow struck last March – the Beast from the East did not stop us !)

All you need is:

  • an online PC
  • a mobile phone or iPad
  • pen, paper, calculator and any questions you want to raise

I have a bit of technology at my end that means we can communicate and work collaboratively on problems, so the session content is just as good as the face-to-face style.

If you are interested in online tuition, please just let me know and I shall be very happy to demonstrate it.