Why study Physics ?

Studying Physics A Level is obviously essential for anyone wanting to study Physics or Engineering at university, college or embarking on a related apprenticeship.  In addition, it is also frequently studied by those heading for a different path in life who elect to take it as a supporting subject. I have taught many future medics, economists, lawyers and even an artist in my time.

Whatever your path, Physics is a qualification that is well regarded by employers. They recognise that it establishes problem-solving skills which can be very useful in any working environment.

Why find a tutor?

There’s no doubting Physics can be a tricky subject.  Many students find it beneficial at some stage in their studies to seek tutoring support. One of the advantages of a 1:1 tutoring session is that it complements classroom study with a personalised focus. If a student wants to go over a particular topic then we can go straight there, covering it at their own pace. I will tailor my sessions with each student accordingly, and will try to make the subject interesting at the same time!

My Qualifications

MA (Cantab) in Physics/Electrical Sciences
Member of the Institute of Physics

Physics Tuition Sessions

I teach the syllabus of all the main examining bodies (AQA, Edexcel and OCR). Students have access to a catalogue of revision notes which provide key learning points for each subject area. This is accompanied by exam questions which provide problem-solving practise and often provokes more in-depth comprehension. I also use videos and practical demonstrations to show some of these principles in action. Students will be given homework so they can consolidate their learning, secure in the knowledge that they can come back with questions in the next session.

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